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Art Ambassador

Art Ambassador

The Art Ambassador Program is a hands-on approach to art appreciation specifically designed for elementary students , made possible by the PTSA and parent volunteers.


Once or twice a year, parent volunteers act as Art Ambassadors by presenting art appreciation lessons in their child's classroom (K-5th Grade). Lessons are hands-on fun and designed to enhance and complement the current art class curriculum. 


Lessons include a presentation and art project.  The presentation content and all necessary project materials are provided by the PTSA and volunteers will be trained prior to giving the lesson to familiarize them with the material.  An Art Ambassador goes into each classroom and within 1-hour, shows a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation and explains the project. The remainder of the class time is used for completing the project and having FUN with the kids!  

No art experience is necessary. Contact the Art Ambassador Chair, Shannon Cunniffe, to find out about volunteer opportunities or look for announcements in the ACE Newsletter. Volunteers can help in their child's class (1-hour) and/or with another class within the same grade, depending on the volunteer's availability.

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